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Is a Hamburger Healthier than your Salad?

Is a Hamburger Healthier than your Salad?

You want to get in shape and lose pounds and you have been ordering salads when you go out for a meal, but don’t see results. You might as well have ordered More »

SLIDE into Fashion

SLIDE into Fashion

by Ruth Ward When you think of slides, you probably think of Nike or Adidas with their rubber slides that athletes wear, or European tourists that shuffle around theme parks in them. More »

Am I Saving Money with a Store Credit Card?

Am I Saving Money with a Store Credit Card?

by Joe Hancock I was in one of my favorite retail stores, and to my delight, many things were on sale. When I checked out, the sales assistant asked me if I More »

Pest Control & Tequila… What’s Not to Love about BATS!

Pest Control & Tequila… What’s Not to Love about BATS!

by Brian Pope Insects love Florida. In fact, mosquitoes love Florida so much that eighty species have decided to become our permanent neighbors – this is more than any other state! Of More »

Something you Kneed to Know

Something you Kneed to Know

by Anya Mayr As residents of the sunshine state, we tend to stay in action. We’re athletes and activists and pioneers. We surf, play sports and hike, and we love staying in More »

Some of the Filthiest places in your home might surprise you, like….. Poop on your…TOOTHBRUSH!!!!!!

Some of the Filthiest places in your home might surprise you, like….. Poop on your…TOOTHBRUSH!!!!!!

Here are our top dirtiest places that you will find in your home. There are plenty more, but these are eye-opening. It will make you think twice about putting your phone down More »

NOT Your Grandma’s Ferris Wheel!

NOT Your Grandma’s Ferris Wheel!

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? We are constantly in search of unique places for our readers to visit. Our latest trips were down I-75 to Orlando to visit I-Drive 360 and More »


Top 5 Vaccines Your Family Needs

The-Top-5-Vaccines2It is important to make sure you are up to date with vaccines. Hitchcock’s pharmacy staff are well trained and know your families medical needs. No lines, no waiting and good advice even over the phone.

Hitchcock’s Pharmacists are advising their clients to check this very important vaccine list so you stay healthy and keep living … the Good Life!

1. Hepatitis B series of three injections can begin in childhood, or as an adult.

2. Influenza (flu shot) is a yearly vaccination usually recommended in October or November for peak coverage. It lasts about 6 months. It is important for people with other disease states such as heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, to receive this shot.

3. Shingles – Zostivax is the newest vaccine. It should be administered if the adult had Chicken Pox as a child, and is given to prevent the onset of Shingles.

4. HPV is a series of 3 injec-tions and usually starts around 12 or 13 for young women and men. It protects against the transmission of Papillomavirus. The virus is associated with sexually transmitted diseases, and even certain genital cancers and warts.

5. Pneumonia vaccine is given once every five years (or as directed by a physician) and targets people over 65, or with other disease states such as diabetes or lung disease.

The-Top-5-Vaccines5Many insurance companies now pay for the Flu, and Shin-gles shot at the retail pharmacy level.

The only restrictions are pregnancy, age, steroid use, and food or drug allergies. Potential recipients are screened before vaccines are given, which leads to the best possible outcome for our patients.

The well trained Pharmacists at Hitchcock’s are ready to help you stay healthy. Before you wait hours in a doctor’s office give them a call. They can give advice and at the Newberry location they can administer the Flu and Zostivax shots.

Newberry Pharmacy
Alachua Pharmacy

The Cancer Center WELCOMES Dr. Laurel Warwicke

The-Cancer-Corner1I remember my first few days in Gainesville in 2003 when I first started seeing patients for their Radiation Oncology care. It became apparent early on that the north central Florida community was a diverse population with broad reaching concerns and needs. Through my years here, I have tried to meet those needs and have come to love this part of Florida. I am excited to be embarking on a new venture and delighted to be joining the already strong and established Radiation Oncology team of The Cancer Center at North Florida Regional Medical Center “NFRMC”.

There is a strong sense of community within the group whose focus is on the complete comprehensive care of the patient from the moment of diagnosis through the treatment and post treatment care. The Cancer Center at NFRMC offers world class doctors that provide care in both the Gainesville and Lake City areas and surrounding communities. They established a staff that provides state of the art treatment with compassionate care. I know by joining this group I will continue to be able to offer hometown care with both continuity of care of my patients as well as being able to practice with the latest advances in Radiation Oncology technology.

The Cancer Center at NFRMC, with the opening of the new 40,000 square foot expansion, housing Florida Cancer Specialists, our Medical Oncology partners, will offer a true comprehensive Cancer Center. Radiation and Medical Oncologists will be able to see patients and offer cancer treatments involving clinical trials, cancer prevention, integrative medicine, nutrition counseling and multiple other programs. This includes community outreach and educational programs. We understand that keeping patients close to their homes, families and support networks is important and by providing care in one setting helps limit the stress patients experience. The importance of having all of your oncologists available to you at one center allows the physicians, nurses and support teams to work closely together to provide the most comprehensive cancer treatment and patient care.

The-Cancer-Corner4There’s more to treating cancer than eliminating the disease itself. The Cancer Center at NFRMC understands and provides social and emotional support to all those affected by the disease. No one person should go through cancer alone or try to navigate through multiple medical specialties. The Cancer Center at NFRMC has a dedicated nurse navigator that helps reduce barriers or eliminate them entirely. The goal is to make the transition from diagnosis to treatment smoother and simpler to help patients through recovery and healing.

We know that support for our patients extends beyond the walls of The Cancer Center and are honored to play a major role helping organizations in our community that are dedicated to cancer patients. For many years, we have given significant support to the American Cancer Society in particular, by being a part of annual ACS events such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Relay for Life. Also, each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hundreds of pink flamingos and a giant ribbon of pink are in place at North Florida Regional’s Duck Pond in honor and support of all patients and caregivers who are Standing Up to Breast Cancer.

Physicians from The Cancer Center also participate in education and awareness programs throughout the year because the more we all know about cancer, the better our chances for early detection, treatment and survival. This exemplifies the continued growth of our community doctors’ and The Cancer Center at NFRMC.

I am honored in being able to join this wonderful group of physicians and am looking forward to continuing to be part of an extensive team of caregivers as we all continue to fight cancer together.

Donnie Lancaster creates Beautiful Brides

by Trish Utter

Donnie-Lancaster3Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated and important days of your life. Making sure that everything is done well and exactly the way you want it is paramount. This is why local bride, Christina Abramowitz put her trust in Donnie Lancaster from 6th Street Station to style her hair, do her makeup and make sure every personal detail was not overlooked on her big day.

Donnie Lancaster started over 40 years ago in Tampa and still continues his training to keep up with all the latest trends and beauty technology. He has worked with some of the best salons and designers such as Jingles, Sabastian and Paul Mitchell. This professional stylist has 10 years of makeup training from Matrix and has done many hair shows, fashion shows, balls, proms and styled hair for all kinds of functions over the years.

Donnie Lancaster is beyond good at what he does. He’s not only professional but he also makes you feel comfortable in every way, especially on the most important day of your life. I had him with me from the morning till the very end of my wedding touching up my hair and makeup to calming me down from time to time. Donnie has the knack to make you feel beautiful inside and out. I couldn’t have had a better stylist by my side on the best day of my life. Donnie is simply the best.

– Christina Abramowitz

Donnie’s Top Wedding Day Tips

Donnie-Lancaster2Collect photos of brides and show your stylist what you do and don’t like. Do a trial run of hair and makeup on your dress fitting or portrait day. This is well worth doing. You will have time to figure out anything that should be changed. I recommend classic looks for your wedding day as you will look back at those photos for years to come. Make sure everything, including your hair is comfortable. You don’t want hair so tight it gives you a headache or shoes that look good but rub. Don’t change your look drastically, be yourself but enhance what you have. You don’t want people wondering who it is walking down the aisle!

Many people don’t realize that my services are very affordable. You can only do your special day once so it is well worth making sure you look the way you want to. Our team will even go on location to make sure the entire bridal group is looking their best. Brides don’t want to be stressed out on such a wonderful day and we take care of that.

Sixth Street Station

Your Money

by Diana Snelgrove, E.A.

Your-Money1Q: I opened a small business this year; do I have to file a separate tax return?

A: There are a few different types of businesses, and whether or not you file a separate return depends on the type. The basic types are sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Sole proprietors are the only type of business that does not require a separate return to be filed. The income and expenses of the business is filed on a Schedule C, which is attached to your personal return or Form 1040. Limited Liability Companies can elect to act like a Schedule C so they also may not be required to file a separate return if the election was chosen. All corporations and partnerships are required to file a separate return.

Q: I have a small business but I have no retirement savings. How can I begin to save for retirement?

A: There are a few options available to you as a business owner. The basic account is a Traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA, which will allow you to save up to $5,500 per year if you are under the age of 50 or $6,000 a year if over the age of 50. This is a great start but if you are looking to save more, then you do have some other options. If you are the only employee of the business you can setup a Solo 401K plan or you can look to the Simple IRA and SEP IRA which allows for employees to contribute. These retirement options have different limits and requirements, so we recommend you speak with a professional to determine the best option for you and your business.

You can contact Diana Snelgrove for more information at or call 386-462-3962

Random Act of Kindness Made a Huge Difference To Th is Vets Life

by Rush Ward

Random-Acts-of-Kindness1He served our country fighting in the army in Vietnam and was also stationed in Germany for a while. Upon his return home he started his own roofing company in Pennsylvania but his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD as it is called, was too much to handle. Louis Silvio walked away from everything and found himself living on the street in California. Louis remained homeless for twenty years. He decided to go back home to Pennsylvania and caught a ride on a truck delivering plants to Florida. The truck stopped in Ocala where he jumped off to start walking north. After a two day walk he got to Alachua and took shelter in the front of an empty building.

A man with his Realtor pulled up to the empty commercial building and the very first thing the man did was give Louis some money, this random act of kindness that went much further. The man turned out to be Attorney Robert Rush who was leasing the building for a client’s new business venture. Louis smiles when he thinks of the day they met and said, “He was just a nice guy, most people aren’t conscientious like that, I had no idea he was a high power attorney. I didn’t want him to give me money for nothing so I started helping Robert and business owner Pearce Hayes. I wanted to prove myself, they saved my life and they gave me my life back. Not only did they give me a job but also a place to live, clothes and a phone. Being on the street is no life, it is just an existence. It is rare for someone to offer a person like me a job. Now I have a place to live and a job, I am very happy here at Great Value Jewelry Outlet.”

It was great to see such joy in Louis’ face as he spoke. It is heartwarming to know there are good people out there during this Holiday season.

History of the Hippodrome Theatre

hipp2The Hippodrome started construction in 1909. The building was known as the Federal building that is of Palladium classical revival architecture. Everything was cutting edge for its time, included a riveted steel frame construction, carved limestone for the trim and columns, and six Corinthian limestone columns. The hipped roof is constructed of clay tile and is surrounded by ornate limestone scroll work. The Hippodrome still carries the beauty of the original architecture, with bronze entry doors, steam heat, terrazzo floors and richly plastered interiors that were all considered very elaborate for Gainesville in 1911. In fact, the Federal Building even contained an elevator, which is one of the first elevators in the State of Florida. The Hippodrome’s elevator is still in operation and is the oldest continually operating elevator in Florida.

For 53 years, 1911-1964, the building that is now the Hippodrome was a Federal Building – housing the U.S. Post Office (1st floor), the Federal Court (2ndfloor), and the District Attorney’s offices and the U.S. Land Office (3rd floor). In October of 1964 these offices were moved to the new Federal Building, located at 401 S.E. 1st Ave, and the Old Federal Building was listed as “surplus property” by the General Services Administration. The General Services Administration subsequently signed the property over to the Alachua County School Board for their administrative offices, and the School Board occupied the building for over a decade.

hipp11978 to 1981 saw change. The building was added on to the National Registry of Historic Places. In 1979 the building was sold to the City of Gainesville for a mere $150,000. The City of Gainesville conducted a study with the UF Department of Architecture to design a comprehensive plan for downtown under the direction of Professor Harry Merritt. The centerpiece of the plan was creating a theatre and performing arts center in the “Old Post Office” (as the building was known). This study was approved and adapted by the Hippodrome’s Board of Trustees and the steps were put into motion to make the plan a reality.

The Hippodrome Board of Trustees and staff jumped into action. Supporters travelled to Washington, DC and met with Florida Representatives and secured a National Endowment for the Arts Challenge Grant, with an award of $175,000 on a matching basis to renovate the building into a theatre and cultural center in downtown Gainesville. A fund raising drive energized the Gainesville residents, and included a telethon, a Hippo Fund Run, a biscuit eating contest, roller skating parties, and scavenger hunt, among other events, culminating in $326,933 being raised toward the renovation of the mainstage.
MM Parrish Construction Company commenced construction in 1980 and the Hippodrome inaugurated the newly renovated mainstage with a performance of THE ELEPHANT MAN in 1981.

For the past 35 years, the Hippodrome has occupied the building continuously and has raised the funds to renovate the Hippodrome Cinema, the Hippodrome Art Gallery, and the Hippodrome Basement space which is now available for events, parties, conferences, and galas. The expansion of the Hippodrome’s spaces has led to increased opportunities for programming, and the Hipp now offers the region’s only art house independent cinema, camps and classes for young people and adults, a visual arts gallery engaging hundreds of regional and international artists annually, and for the past 35 years has become the public focal point of culture in the heart of Gainesville’s historic downtown.

Since 1980, the City of Gainesville has supported the Hippodrome through a lease grant that enables the Hippodrome to continue the work to bring the very best in cultural programming. The lease grant from the City of Gainesville is a key factor in the Hippodrome’s annual budget, and in turn, the Hippodrome provides a strong return on their investment by providing what Americans for the Arts estimates is a $3.9 million economic impact to the region.
Since the first performance, the Hippodrome has produced more than 250 mainstage productions and entertained millions of audience members on the mainstage. This spring, in marking the 35th anniversary of the Hippodrome’s mainstage, a production of The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance is on stage from April 6-May 1. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play, The Elephant Man is a compelling story recently enjoyed a sold-out Broadway revival. The Elephant Man is based on the real life of Joseph Merrick, a 19th century British man on the traveling freak show circus, who was later rescued by a caring doctor and went on to become the darling of Victorian high-society.



Thank You to All Our Friends
For Living The GOOD LIFE With Us Since 2005!

“Tioga Town Center has been advertising with Good Life Community Magazine over the past ten years. Working with Trish Utter and her team at Good Life has been a great experience and has helped increase awareness of our shops and businesses. A member of Good Life?s team is almost always present at our many concerts, fairs and shows taking our photos and promoting the Center in social media as well as in the magazine. We wish Good Life many more years of success,”

Gil Levy
President ,Tioga Town Center

“Ten years ago I was approached by Trish,to participate in her newest business venture, Good Life Community Magazine. After much consideration, I took the plunge and have never regretted my decision. Trish and her fabulous staff haved help to promote my dental practice every two months, since then. It’s been a fun association, thus far! We have spent many hours discussing various ad layouts and Trish has always come through. I feel that my ads are clean and well-constructed.

Thank you, Trish, for all those years of great advertising!”

Marc V. Cauchon, DMD, LVIF
Owner, Alachua Dental

“Innovative Home Builders has been working with Trish and The Good Life Community magazine for close to 5 years now. Working with Trish and her staff is always a pleasure. We always receive great feedback about our advertisement with this magazine, and the high visibility of the publication in our community means that it targets the right customers.

We look forward to working with Trish in the years to come as we continue to grow our business in this community.”

Travis and Callie Williams
Innovative Home Builders of North Florida, Inc.

“I have been a business owner and resident in Gainesville area since 2002. When I first met Trish, with Good Life Community Magazine, I was intrigued in the way she presented herself and the magazine as a leader in the Gainesville community! Not only is Trish always there and focusing on local events… big or small… She has a way of making you and your business feel important! We have been advertising with Good Life Community Magazine since its inception. I have been very happy with the circulation and the target audience that this magazine reaches and the driven results we have achieved! Good Life Community magazine has proven itself over and over again as a great venue to advertise your services and goods to a great target audience that supports the Gainesville community!”

William C Storoe IV DDS PA
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

“Trish and her team at Good Life Community Magazine perform a wonderful service for our entire community.” “I love to read and discover new and interesting things about Alachua and surrounding areas. “Congratulations on Ten Years of telling the Good Life story!”

Chuck Clemens
Vice President, Santa Fe College

“The Great Outdoors Restaurant is so proud to say, as we enter our 9th year of business that it is because of the special relationship like yours that we continue to be so successful.

Your tenacity to always get everything perfect and your attention to detail makes Good Life Community Magazine one of The Best Publications to advertise in. Trish, when we first started doing business together, it was clear to me you were different. You and your staff took interest in everything we did. You are always willing to go above and beyond…..Whatever it takes to get the job done, and you have a lot of fun doing it! To help promote some of our special events, you have dressed up like a Pirate, in 50’s costume and even a Leprechaun. You have been here with camera in tow whenever asked. You exhibit an air of true professionalism in all you do. I am so proud to be able to call you my friend and so proud to think of you as part of The Great Outdoors family. We all Love You and Love Good Life Community Magazine too!!!”

Carol Doherty
Director, Great Outdoors Restaurant

“Thank you Good Life Community Magazine! Your quality publication is a huge part of our marketing program. Your personal service and attention that we have received over these past 10 years has been exceptional. The designs and ad placements have been a true testament to the personal touch that Good Life Magazine represents. “

Andy & Kim Stinton
Owners. The Floor Store of Newberry

“Advertising can be a large expense or a great investment, Good Life Magazine has proven to be a good investment. The personalized attention of Trish has helped our business to increase visibility, improve branding, and with her personal touch, has provided more referrals than any other magazine that we have used to promote our company.”

Jorge Villaobos Owner,
The Best Restoration

“Congratulations to all at Good Life on your ten year anniversary! Tioga Dental has enjoyed working with Trish Utter over the years and are proud to have launched the announcement of our big move, growth, and name change with Good Life almost eight years ago. We look forward to many more years working together.”

Matt and Cindy Brush Owners,
Tioga Dental and Orthodontics

“To a bright energetic entrepreneur Trish; you are a woman who also has “beaten the odds” of surviving 10 years as the owner of a “woman owned company”. For the short time I have known you I have seen you fight the competitive environment of a male dominated industry and you have shone through good and bad times. Congratulations and best wishes for the next 10 years.”

Carol Bosshardt CEO,
Bosshardt Realty Services

“I first met Trish in 2005 when she came by the Hippodrome with her beautiful British accent, blond hair and stunning disposition. Trish talked to us about the new magazine she was launching – GOOD LIFE! Her energy was contagious! She asked how we would feel if she featured the Hippodrome on the front cover – of course we were delighted! Over the past 10 years, our relationship has grown to be incredibly close and inspiring. In speaking with Trish recently about the 10 year anniversary of Good Life, we realized that our children were only 5 and 8 years old when we met – now they are 15 and 18 – and we shared how we have watched our children transform into young adults. The past 10 years have brought many changes to North Central Florida, and our city has grown and expanded while remaining at its heart a very small town. As a longtime supporter and sponsor of the Hippodrome, we are proud to call Trish family, and we look forward to many more years working and playing together! “

Jessica Hurov Managing Director,
Hippodrome Theatre

“As a director, listening to Trish Utter speak with her beautiful British dialect, is music to my ears. Trish was always at Hippodrome opening nights; speaking with me about the cultural and theatre experiences she enjoyed growing up in England. Trish always introduced her children to me and it was so fun to see them taking photos with her camera and her teaching them every step of the way. She is a great mom and so much fun to be around! ”

Lauren Caldwell Artistic Director,
Hippodrome Theatre

When I started Good Life Community Magazine I thought long about what to put on the first front cover. The Hippodrome Theatre was my choice as the building is a historic land mark and I guess that is also what I had in mind for Good Life. A magazine that would last through time, something local people would recognize and know. I now have an unbreakable link with the Hippodrome Theatre and its vibrant people like Jessica Hurvo and Lauren Caldwell.

Trish Utter
Publisher, Good Life Community Magazine

Creating a Masterpiece Planned Community by Norfleet

by Trish Utter

Creating-a-Masterpiece1Tripp and Kristie Norfleet are the owners of Norfleet Homes in Newberry Florida. Tripp is a second generation builder. Norfleet Homes has often been showcased in the Parade of Homes. After decades of the Norfleet family being in the construction industry they are now working hard on a planned multi use community called CountyWay Town Square. I had heard about their impressive plans and drove out to meet them at their model home at CountryWay to learn more.

Creating-a-Masterpiece5Over the past eleven years the couple has interviewed builders and architects from all over the country that have worked on similar project s and asked what they would change to make their project better. They took those professional ideas and made them even better. The Norfleet’s vision was to have a neighborhood that really worked and didn’t just look good. A place where people could shop, do business and a place to call home. They have worked hard on making sure that every detail is covered even down to making sure there is ample parking, to who will maintain the property. Homeowners will not have to worry about mowing the yard as that will be taken care of for them. The Recreation Center will have a community pool and building that can be reserved for parties and meetings.

Where did Norfleet Homes start? Four generations of Norfleet’s have lived in Newberry Florida. Tripp followed his father into cattle farming and building. Kristie Norfleet is from West Virginia and met Tripp through family. Kristie said, “We want a place where people can enjoy their family that is very important to us. We love living in Newberry. We love our family at First Baptist Church out here. It just seemed right for us to do this project in Newberry.” The Norfleet’s two children; Zeke who is sixteen and Christianna age fourteen are also learning the family business.

“We want to be proud of what we build for people. We build quality homes and deliver them in a timely fashion.

In old towns you will find neighborhoods where homes surround a wide open park like area. Families gather for evening music, sports games, picnics or just a place to hang out with friends. Usually you will find shops and offices, in fact everything you would need without leaving your neighborhood. This is what you will find at Norfleet Homes, CountryWay Town Square.

Creating-a-Masterpiece4CountryWay Town Square is within walking distance to Newberry’s elementary, middle and high schools. Home owners will be able to drive their golf carts to one of the many restaurants and cafes. At the center of the Town Square you there will be a pavilion where a farmers market, music, car shows and other weekend events are planned. The large one ace park area is the perfect place for families and friends to gather.

There will be over 450 homes, single family Designer Homes with 1,600-4,000sq ft. and Luxury Villas with 1157 – 1667 sq ft., built of brick or hardy board to cut down on maintenance. In fact saving you money on maintenance and utilities is something the Norfleet Homes has made a priority. They have also thought about large closets and well planned kitchens. Designer style high ceilings, large, low E windows, extra tall entrance doors, massive sliding patio doors, solar panels and beautiful, durable flooring from The Floor Store are all features of a Norfleet home.

Creating-a-Masterpiece2The commercial spaces will be available for retail, office use and restaurants. This will surround the one acre TownSquare. Town Homes will be above the commercial spaces just as it is in Europe. The Town Homes will have fantastic views of the Town Square and are anticipated to rent out fast.

Imagine your life in a Norfleet Home at CountryWay Town Square. Teens can safely drive the golf cart to pick up the grandparents and meet you in the evening at the beautiful pavilion to listen to music. Hold a business meeting at the neighborhood coffee shop and plan date night at one of the restaurants, all without leaving your neighborhood. Your business can even be located there.

If this sounds like the Good Life, it is! 352-472-5780