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Williamsburg – Celebrate the Holidays Colonial Style

by Trish Utter

DSCF9681_WEBThe sound of horse’s hooves, the odd gunshot and speeches that shaped this country into being the United States of America are all part of the fabric of the 18th- century, colonial village of Williamsburg, Virginia.

C.W., as it is fondly named is located a few hours south of Washington D.C. in what’s called ‘Americas Historic Triangle’ which is comprised of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center.

Williamsburg was brought back to its heyday in 1926 so that the way of Colonial life would be preserved for all generations to see. This is a fully working town where visitors get an interactive experience with the daily lives of the first generation of Americans.

The Capital

The Capital

Children often shudder at the thought of looking at a museum but in C.W. you will find it hard to drag them away. You will hear the laughter of children as you enter The Powell House as kids get to feed the chickens, make the beds, see a Holiday meal being made and take part in an 18th century dance in the front parlor.

Watch and listen to actors as they debate the virtues of being an independent nation at The Revolutionary City and visit The Capitol and hear about the issues that were discussed during the times around the American Revolution to get a real sense of what life was like over 225 years ago. It all centers along The Duke of Gloucester Street which is lined with 18th century style stores filled with handmade items. Shop for a pewter tea pot, old fashioned candy at Wythe Candy store, 18th century toys at the Toymaker of Williamsburg, fashions of the day and even a wig to top off your new look!

Get Your Sleigh and Head North for Beautiful Williamsburg, VA

by Trish Utter


One of my favorite places to be over Christmas is Williamsburg, Virginia which is situated about two and a half hours south of Washington D.C. Here you will find a plethora of history and beautiful architecture all dressed up for holiday viewing. This colonial historic village has been completely restored and rebuilt to the way it was in the 17th century. Many presidents and even the Queen of England have realized its significance in American history and paid a visit.

williamsburg-2-for-webDuring the holidays this area is painstakingly decorated with simple yet elegant decorations made with fresh cut evergreens; apples and other natural items that give off a wonderful holiday aroma. The simple decorations tantalize you with ideas of how you can decorate with natural things you can find in your back yard.

We walked down Merchant Square with our black lab named Daphne. We were enchanted by little Charles Dickens looking storefronts one of which was J.Fenton Gallery. This store was packed full of unusual gifts. We loved all the Christmas hats. Some of the stores have dog water bowls so this is a pet friendly vacation spot. Christmas carolers wander the street as tourists huddled around them with mugs of hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Cannon fire and the sound of horse’s hoofs can be heard as you stroll around or better yet jump on a horse drawn carriage. Taverns and candy shops are filled with old time treats. Colonial stores of the time sell their wares, from a replica musket to full colonial costume. My daughter Brooke and I had such fun dressing up in these costumes while my son, Colt enjoyed all the military paraphernalia. These items make unique and memorable gifts, just perfect for Christmas.