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A Gadget You Can’t Afford to Live Without

by Trish Utter

gadget1Over the years I get asked to test a lot of products but here is something I found that I cannot live without!

How many of you have lost your cell phone and NEVER BACKED IT UP????? MEEM works just like a simple power cord for any cell phone. Download the free MEEM app, plug your phone in and MEEM walks you through setting up your personal pin number and shows you how it works. Within seconds your phone is being backed up. This can take a few minutes or hours depending on how much you have on your device. Don’t worry, you can still use your phone while it is being backed up as long as it remains plugged in.

Once the initial back up is done, you can simply charge you phone with your cord overnight and it will automatically back it up…magic! Even the most tech challenged person, like myself, will easily be able to use this simple cord. One charging cord can back up two phones. It comes with either a 16 or 32GB of internal storage.

Photos, contacts, calendars, videos; it stores it all unless you ask it not to. You can select what you would like stored or just let it store everything. MEEM shows you how much storage you have used and how long it is taking.

When I got this phone, I automatically started to panic that I would not be able to figure out how to use it but it was as simple as plugging it in.

It is encrypted and only you have the pin. MEEM works with IOS or Android. If you move from an Android to an IOS you can also transfer everything over using the MEEM. There are no monthly fees, no bulky storage unit and you can easily carry the cord in a pocket and take it anywhere you go.

MEEM makes a great Christmas gift. I am not parting with my MEEM!

Cool Holiday Gifts

Kisai Maze by Tokyoflash

Most Watches are plain and boring, but this one from Tokyoflash is definitely one mesmerizing piece! It’s called the Kisai Maze. This isn’t any regular watch, and it will sure cause other people to wonder how you’re reading the time. The watch displays the time in a maze like fashion. It takes a bit of practice to get used to it, but there’s also a simple mode button reveling the time in a standard way. It comes with a leather strap and the face is made of real wood. It also has an always on Display with EL Backlighting so you can see in the dark. This timepiece makes a unique gift and is sure to impress. All this comes at $109. The one in this review is: DarkSandle+GreenLCD.



Keurig 2.0 K550

I never thought a coffee maker could be sexy but this little number is. With its sleek stainless steel looks, touch screen programing and mood lighting in the oversized 80oz. water reservoir, it adds cache to any kitchen. Did I say mood lighting? Yep, the nightlight illuminates the water with several different colors to choose from and it’s programmable to turn on and off whenever you like. The machine comes with a water filter starter kit so your coffee will taste the way it should.

If you have a large family or office you can now make a pot of coffee in the carafe that is double walled for insulation. The Keurig 2.0 comes with a variety of coffee and offers single to family sized K-Cups. For those of you that like a jolt in the morning there is a Strong Brew option. There are many sizes to choose from. Go from travel mug to expresso, you will find the perfect cup of joe. We found this starting at $199.99



The Best Beach Chair

P1020797Looking for something that is lightweight, that can adjust to five positions and hold all your drinks and keep them ice cold?

Beach ChairWe found The Classic Backpack Beach Chair with an aluminum frame in blue, a versatile beach chair patented by Rio Brands. You can see that it is wider than most beach chairs, allowing for more room not only in the seat but also in the large pockets.

RIO-Beach-ChairThe aluminum frame keeps it light and easy to use as a backpack. The unusual five position construction allows you to lay flat without having to drag a large lounger to the beach. Look for it in stores now.

Cool Products

A Work of Usable Art

Like craftsmanship and feel of a European sports car? Then this KitchenAid(R) Diamond Blender, with exclusive diamond blending system, 0.9 horsepower motor and robust die cast base is what you have been looking for. This piece of art comes in bright cool colors that have a beautiful finish and will make any kitchen look stunning.
This blender packs a punch with power. The Intelli-Speed(R) Motor Control senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients. It also has a Soft Start button that reduces the initial splash. We tested the blender by making a smoothie, loading it up with all sorts of fruit and ice, and then hit the Liquefy button. In less than a minute we had our smoothie without any lumps! And it’s so easy to pour from with its jug-shaped container. The large 60-oz capacity, shatter-resistant jug comes off in one piece and can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.
Simple to use and full of power, this blender is a “must-have” for your tailgate and holiday entertaining. Comes in Gator orange or blue! We found prices as low as $99 on the internet.

Unique Beach Products

Sun Sail Cabana


By far the most unique and usable product of the season. Don’t spend hours trying to put up a tent or chase your umbrella down the beach as the wind blows it away. Just take Sun Sail Cabana with you. We found it easy to get up in seconds, light weight and gives you double the shade of an umbrella. You will be the envy of the beach. They come in a variety of beach colors and in a carrying bag.

$74.95 www.SunSailCabana.com 561-200-0764


Snorkel Gear Pro-Pack


Snorkel Gear Pro-Pack will not disappoint the most avid diver. High quality in every way. The mask has a soft, comfortable face skirt of double-sealed silicone and optical-quality tempered-glass lenses that resist fogging up. Splash guard on snorkel helps prevent water from entering. Convenient purge valve at the bottom of snorkel tube. Convenient travel-size fins. Carrying bag included. Overall a great product and well worth every penny.

$69.95 www.LLBean.com 800-441-5713


Prism EO Atom Kite


If you love the idea of flying a kite but have felt embarrassed that yours never left the ground then this is for you. We were thrilled that everything is all ready to go, absolutely no set up and it will go up in a gentle breeze. Just pop the ultralight kite open and let it go…up…up and away!

$26 www.LLBean.com 800-441-5713