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Bike & Walking Trails in the Good Life Community

by Terry Martin-Back

My wife, Debra and I moved back to Gainesville over twenty years ago after my military career. Since then I have enjoyed finding new things to do in our beautiful area.

I have only recently taken up cycling and have discovered several fantastic trails surrounding our community. The Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail has become a regular ride for me. My wife, Debra is not a fan of cycling but out of curiosity asked me where I get on the trail? I start at Boulware Springs which is the head of the trail in Gainesville, and to my surprise, my wife had no idea what Boulware Springs was or where it is located. As my wife had not heard about Boulware Springs or the Hawthorne Trail I realized that there must be many others living in our Good Life Community who have no idea, or have the misconception of thinking, the trail is only for cyclists. If you are looking for a simple outdoor walking adventure, pack up the family and visit Boulware Springs park.

Community PIX

Congratulations to Jim Markle, the owner of Transmission Doctor in Alachua, on his huge, new, State-of-the-Art Building.

The community came out to support this local business and enjoyed a BBQ lunch. Many customers have been bringing their vehicles to the Transmission Doctor for years, and we wish Jim and his crew many more!

The Whiskey Snob

by Terry Martin Back

Do you remember your first whiskey experience? Chances are, it was mixed with something to kill the flavor of the whiskey, or it was in a shot glass, with screaming friends encouraging you to just shoot the shot, then the backward tilting of your head, the burning and foul alcohol flavor made your face grimmest with disgust and in some cases it tried to return to the point of origination.

Chances are, the whiskey you were drinking was intended for exactly what you were doing, shooting shots to prove you could handle whiskey. As I look back through the years, my choice of whiskey tended to be the ones that were well advertised or made me look distinguished when I ordered a drink. The days of slamming shots are long past, and I have been introduced to flavors of good single malt Scotch whisky, blended Scotch and exceptional Bourbons. What I look for now is a smooth and flavorful whisky with a pleasant aroma. For my Scotch appetite, I prefer the Speyside Scotch, with a medium peat smokiness. For my Bourbons, I love the double barrel aging with an Oakey flavor which can also be found in different Scotch whisky’s. I prefer mine served neat, some prefer a splash of pure water and others prefer theirs poured over a pure ice cube.

From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

Finally, warm ☀ weather is here again and it’s time to get out there and explore. Visit our website, GoodLifeCommunity.com and click on the TRAVEL ✈ link for ideas or visit us on social media. Lots happening this Spring so keep up by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Optimist Club Comes to Alachua

by Ruth Ward

A new dynamic service organization has come to Alachua. Officially chartering in March the Optimist Club comes with a local focus of Optimism and service to our local community. With a core group of founding members the local Optimist Club of Alachua is focused on kids, community projects, and positive impact to the local community.

Thanking our Service Men & Women

by Terry Martin-Back

Over fifteen years ago, an idea was brought to fruition: an appreciation banquet to recognize veterans and supporters for their efforts within the community. A pot-luck dinner was organized with an expected thirty or forty people to attend. The dinner was such a success that over one-hundred people attended! The success also created a bit of a problem….. the food ran out! It was then decided a bigger venue was in order.

Since the first appreciation dinner, attendees were mostly veterans and family members, veteran organizations and members of the VA hospital. The recognition dinner had become a banquet at local hotels where the attendance became almost five-hundred people, and it quickly became a formal affair with all the military pageantry.

They Didn’t Leave Me Out in the COLD!

by Trish Utter

I have to let you all know about the wonderful service I received from one of Good Life Community’s long-standing advertising clients, Scott Niehaus, A/C.

It all started while I was furiously typing away at my desk, in my home office, working on another brilliant editorial for Good Life…lol, when I realized that I couldn’t feel my toes. They were frozen! I turned up the heat but it didn’t come on. Of course, it was late on a Friday afternoon and I knew that if I didn’t get it fixed I was in for a long cold weekend.

How do you brew your coffee?

How do you brew your coffee? With a coffee pod machine, coffee pot, French press or pour-over drip, it can be an overwhelming task for a seemingly simple cup of coffee.

Some are frustrated with coffee machines that don’t give you a piping hot cup of java and the amount of counter space these machines take up. Drip coffee has paper filters that remove the oil and all the nutritional content while weakening the robust flavor that a French press will give you. Coffee pods can also be quite expensive and the elusive flavor of coffee you get from your local barista may not be there. The French press is sleek, easy to clean, and because it does not have a paper filter it can surprise you with a coffee shop taste.