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How I got into shape in my 60’s

by Terry Martin-Back

You may have read a couple of my articles covering local cycling trails and my experiences of riding them. What you don’t know is that, I only started cycling after not ridden a bicycle in over forty years! Many of you are probably asking yourself; why now? To be honest with you, cycling was one of those things’ children do or health freaks do and besides, people my age shouldn’t be riding bikes, that’s why we have cars. So what changed my way of thinking? Just about four years ago, I looked closely at a picture of myself and thought; what have I done? I was over-weight, out of shape and disgusted with myself. Then I thought to myself; just because I am in my sixties, didn’t mean I was too old to become physically fit, so I began a walking regiment. My days began with two glasses of water and walking a two-mile route every morning. After several months into the program, my weight began to decline, I changed my diet and became gluten free and rid myself of acid reflux and other health issues. Eighteen months into my program, I had lost fifteen pounds. I changed my routine to an interval program, (walking/running), the same two-mile route, and six months later, I’m down another five pounds. But what happens with many weight-loss programs, my weight plateaued and even increased, I was becoming bored with my program, and then a strange thing happened.

Local Car Clubs & Meets

A car is like a piece of art. Each one is very different and each owner has a great story on, how, and why they purchased their car. It’s a great way to make new friends. Most of these clubs are free or have a minimal fee to join, but the joy you will get of it will be worth it.

Gainesville Car Friends

Every Friday night you will find this young, enthusiastic group on the roof top of the parking garage by the Phillips Center. You can expect to see around 30-50 cars. Lots of Japanese imports, American muscle cars and European cars of which many have been modded. You will find many people involved in the automotive world here, hanging out and talking about their straight piped exhausts and their latest add ons to their vehicle. This is a club is free to join via their Facebook page and open to all.

Top Speed of….26 mph!

By Trish Utter

I was very lucky to fly to England to experience the 123rd, London to Brighton Veteran Car Run that is organized by the Royal Automobile Club, and sponsored by the auction house, Bonhams. Beautiful vintage cars blanketed the pond area of Hyde Park, where the famous 60 mile run to Brighton starts.

Rules of Engagement

Have you ever wondered why men get down on one knee to propose? Where did start? Well it started with knights getting down on one knee out of respect for their Lord, and so there is where it all started. Men get down on one knee to show their loyalty and respect for their beloved.

Did you know that 18% of couples get engaged in December.

61% of men ask their girlfriends what type of ring they would like.

The average length of an engagement is 15.4 months.

One in five brides select their own ring.

Sapphire are a sign of a happy marriage in an engagement ring, while a pearl engagement ring is a sign of bad luck. But the most popular is a diamond.

The most expensive diamond ring was a blue diamond that sold for 9.49 million!

Cain & Cain, the local Power Couple

by Trish Utter

There is nothing sweeter that a happy couple, and that is what I found when I met up with Lori and Hugh Cain. Big smiles were on their faces and it is obvious how in love these two newlyweds are. Hugh Cain owns the Allstate Insurance office in Alachua, and Lori is the President of Emmer Development Corp.

The couple are both from the Gainesville area. Hugh was educated at Santa Fe High School in Alachua, played baseball at the University of West Alabama and came home to get his degree from Santa Fe College. Lori attended Gainesville High School and the University of Florida. Both of them just love the Gators!

The two met when Hugh’s oldest son, and Lori’s oldest son, played travel baseball fifteen years ago. Life brought the pair together again years later, but it’s not all roses and romance. These two are brilliant business people, making them one of Gainesville’s top power couples.

Fun Healthy Facts

Getting out there and exercising is an important thing to do for your health. It’s good for your brain, you will find that you will be sick less often, you will slow down the aging process and it helps you sleep. Did you know that music improves your work out performance? If you work out for one hour every day you will be 40% less likely to die at a young age. Only 10% of people are successful at loosing weight through diet alone. Walking at a brisk pace can burn almost as many calories as running. A fast, 40 minute walk a day can burn up to 220 calories. Swimming is one of the top ways to exercise as it incorporates cardio and strength training. It takes a person about 6 to 8 weeks to get into a work out routine. A pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a pound of fat. We have so many options around us, from walking and running in our local parks to numbers gyms.

Here are a few of our readers enjoying their work outs.

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Drum roll please! The…yes, THE, most jaw dropping car show on the East coast will be at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, March 5th to the 8th. My friends know that I am a car freak, to the point that I even have my own car enthusiast page on Facebook called, Powr_Grl. I have made it a priority to never miss the Amelia Concours as it is one of the most exciting car events I have ever been to.

The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance will celebrate their Silver Anniversary this year, and honor Roger Penske who was a race car driver, and is also in the automotive industry, that includes ownership of IndyCar. You will see, The Cars of Roger Penske and Team Penske as well as, The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows, The Cars of Harley Earl, Porsche’s First Victories, Mid-Engine Corvette Prototypes, the C8, and Cars of Scaglietti.