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From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

In a blink of an eye, your kids will probably be all grown up and taller than you. Many of you remember my daughter, Brooke Utter, and my son, Colt Utter, from old issues of Good Life Community Magazine. When I started GLC, Colt was nine years-old and Brooke was eight years-old. Now Colt is twenty-one and Brooke is nineteen! Yes…..shocking, isn’t it? I talked about teaching them how to drive in an issue of Good Life a few years ago. That was hair-raising, but we all got through it…with only one minor accident!

Brighten Your Day with a Delicious Cake!

by Trish Utter

No bakery is complete without its cakes. Although Hitchcock’s has a few on display, they offer many more. They have design books to look through for ideas or bring any photo of your cake idea in and they can create a one of a kind cake just for you at a surprisingly low cost.

Hitchcock’s talented cake designers can make beautiful wedding cakes. From modern, trendy square cakes to traditional styled designs. Just schedule an appointment to bring your unique cake idea to fruition.

Hitchcock’s, Raising Money for Local Charities

Hitchcock’s held its Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Ironwood Golf Course. Over $30,000 was raised for MDA and local charities. Golfers enjoyed a barbecue lunch and many prizes and awards.

Be prepared for the upcoming Florida Summer!

– Knowledge is Power!

by Christopher J. Balamucki, MD

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States with more than 5.4 million cases diagnosed in over 3.3 million people yearly. Approximately 1 in 5 Americans can develop skin cancer in their lifetime. In fact, there are more cases of skin cancer each year than all of the cases of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer. There have been more skin cancers diagnosed over the past 30 years than all other cancer combined! As you may expect, it represents a tremendous cost in our healthcare system with an estimated $8.1 billion spent yearly treating skin cancers in the United States.

Location, Location… Dislocation

When you or a family member are faced with a medical emergency, you look for the best, most efficient care possible, and what better than a full-service Emergency Room that is faster and closer to home? The Newberry and surrounding communities in Alachua County can now rest assured that the team at North Florida Regional’s Freestanding Emergency Room West End is fully prepared to provide them and their loved ones with some of the best possible emergency care.

In the past year, North Florida Regional Medical Center has achieved records that put Guinness to shame, With an AHCA certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center, record growth for inpatient surgery, and 58% of the births in the community taking place at their Labor and Delivery department, it is clear that the hospital’s demand is ever increasing.

Those Who Help Others Sometimes Need a little Help Themselves

by Trish Utter

I have known the founders of Gentle Carousel, Jorge and Debbie Garcia-Bengochea, for years. Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses is an award winning, all volunteer 501(c)(3) charity. They travel the country with their miniature therapy horses and help those that cannot help themselves. The Garcia-Bengochea’s started Gentle Carousel when they found that most horse therapy programs were designed so that people had to visit them, but as many are confined to a hospital bed, that would be nearly impossible. Their unique and well trained miniature horses that visit trauma victims and patients on location have become a huge hit all over the U.S.

It was a total shock when I turned on the news and saw that two of the Garcia-Bengochea’s beloved horses had been ripped apart and killed by roaming dogs! The couple live in the country. In rural areas, it has become a big problem with other land owners who allow their dogs to roam free. Even a small dog can cause a stampede of livestock. In this case, it had devastating results. I cannot imagine waking up to find your beloved animals mauled to death. One of the horses that survived was treated by a local vet, but later passed away from the injuries it received. A ‘Go Fund Me’ page has been set up to pay for the vet bills. Replacing these precious horses that have had years of specialized training is no easy task.

Bosshardt Realty – 30 Years of serving Gainesville

March 15, 2017, marked the 30th Anniversary for Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC. Carol Bosshardt, owner and founder of the company, opened her brokerage with one simple philosophy – take care of the customer. For Carol, simply helping one sell or purchase a home was not enough. She wanted to base her company on world class service, establishing strong relationships, and giving back to her community. She has more than exceeded these goals.

Carol, originally from Rockford, Illinois, learned about real estate and new construction from her parents. Her mother was a Realtor, and her father was a builder. This foundation stuck with her even after she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work. In 1977, Carol integrated her mother’s experience with her own foundation in human services to follow her true calling: working with people. It is not a surprise that Carol received the Paul Harris “Service Above Self” Award for service to her community.

Carol chose to open her own real estate brokerage because she wanted to make the real estate industry more professional than what she had been experiencing for the 10 years prior. She recalls the level of training and professional services in Madison, Wisconsin, was far superior to what she was experiencing in Alachua County. It was her mission to do something about that. She wanted her company to have high training standards, the highest level of professional services, and truly give back to the community that would offer her these successes.

From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning…or should I say…chucking out junk. I can’t believe I am still sorting out things from 20 plus years ago. Am I a hoarder? Things seem to be multiplying in the house. It is hard when you have had family things left to you as I have held onto things out of guilt. It is only now that I realize it is time to …let GO!

What got me started on this trend was when a friend of mine who has some beautiful clothes let me see her closet. Unlike my tightly packed closet this huge walk in closet was bare! I thought maybe she had been robbed! She laughed and told me that she only keeps things for a short time. “No point in keeping things I never wear,” she said. I went straight home and looked at each piece of clothing. How long had it been since I had worn it? Does it fit? Would I miss it? I threw out clothes that don’t fit. If I ever do lose weight to fit in them again they will be out of date anyway. If you have shoes that really aren’t that comfortable and haven’t been worn in years…toss them.