Local Car Clubs & Meets

A car is like a piece of art. Each one is very different and each owner has a great story on, how, and why they purchased their car. It’s a great way to make new friends. Most of these clubs are free or have a minimal fee to join, but the joy you will get of it will be worth it.

Gainesville Car Friends

Every Friday night you will find this young, enthusiastic group on the roof top of the parking garage by the Phillips Center. You can expect to see around 30-50 cars. Lots of Japanese imports, American muscle cars and European cars of which many have been modded. You will find many people involved in the automotive world here, hanging out and talking about their straight piped exhausts and their latest add ons to their vehicle. This is a club is free to join via their Facebook page and open to all.

Gainesville Street Rods

Meets every 2nd Saturday of the month at Publix on 39th Ave, near I-75. The club consists of Classic American cars, Street Rods and European cars. There is a $20 fee to join. The club is very active and often participates in other car events or hold their own. GainesvilleStreetRods.com 352 658 1477

Gainesville Cars & Coffee

Every 2nd Sunday, 9-11am at Whole Foods parking lot. All cars are welcome. This car meet started in 2014 and about 40 cars participate. Whole Foods has a tent with coffee and bagels set up to sell. You will see many Porsches, BMW’s, Jaguars, Nissans, Mini Coopers, Ferrari’s and more. Event is free and open to everyone.

Jacksonville Cars & Coffee

Every 2nd Saturday, 8-11am at, The Avenues Mall. One of the areas largest Cars & Coffee. All types of cars are grouped together. Sometimes the event is sponsored by a car manufacturer. About 200 cars attend and thousands visit. See more on their Facebook page. Event is free to all. Contact them via Facebook

SAC Collective

This luxury club is based in Jacksonville. This is for car collectors and high-profile automotive enthusiasts. The club does regular luxury private club events that spotlight luxury brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Jaguar. Mersedez AMG, and more. Members enjoy car rallies and high end vehicle test drives, catered hanger events featuring automotive, aviation, sporting, luxury brands and product demos. SACCollective.com

Orlando Cars & Coffee

Every 2nd Saturday, 8-10am, is held at Donut Fuelpresso in Winter Park. The event is free and open to all car enthusiasts. OrlandoCarsandCoffee.com or on Facebook.

Classic European Car Club of Gainesville, Florida

The Classic European Car Club of Gainesville, Florida can be found on Facebook. The club is open to anyone with a European car. Many member have Porsches as it is tied into the Jacksonville area Porsche club. The club meets once a month for dinner, drives and car events. If you would like to join please email thomasolmsted@outlook.com.

Gainesville British Car Club

Can be found on Facebook. The club is for people with an interest in British cars. Membership is free. The club meets of dinner and drinks a few times per year. They also participate in car shows. Contact them via Facebook.