Platforms are Back!

Did you or your Mom ever wear platforms? Maybe your Dad even wore them back in the day. Short guys loved this fashion as they could go from 5’.5 to 6’ in seconds. Back then tall girls towered above their dates. They were such a hot trend during the time of Freddie Mercury and his band, Queen. Even Mick Jagger, Davie Bowie, Elton John and many others wore them as it was the era of Disco, wild colors and glitter.

They have now made a big come back in fashion. All the major designers like Burberry, Prada, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Gucci, and others now have many for you to choose from. The trend covers all generations and for the younger crowd Dolls Kill offers a large selection of way ‘out there’ footwear. Platforms are more comfortable than heals so you should try a pair out.

Vintage 70’s Men’s Platform Shoes found on ebay for $1499.99!

Thick rubber soles, fur and wedge heals with square toes will have your parents thinking they are back in the 1970’s, along with bell bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts. San Francisco’s trendy area of Haight-Ashbury has many stores that specialize in 1970 clothing that come with hefty price tags, but if you are quick you can find things here in local thrift stores. You might even want to go through your parents closets to see if they still have anything, it could be worth a lot of money like the pair of shoes we found on ebay. Because platform shoes have made a comeback there are many stores in search of these items and you can find them just through a google search. We can only wonder in platforms will make a comeback in mens fashion. What do you think?

So get your groove on and buy a pair of platforms!