From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

I am amazed at the reach Good Life Community Magazine has. I was in Jacksonville recently and someone stopped me to say, “Aren’t you the publisher of Good Life?” They recognized me! I asked how they saw the magazine as we are not over in Jacksonville…..yet. They said they found a copy in their doctors office and then started to follow us on social media. Wow, I was so flattered. Even my dog Daphne has become well known. Actually I have to tell you something funny. I was walking her in Gainesville and someone exclaimed…. “That’s Daphne from Good Life Community Magazine!” They then said to me, “that dog is famous, I know her from that magazine. What a nice dog, you must be walking her for the owner.”

Obviously this nice lady had no idea who I was…lol. So I am upstaged by my beautiful dog. I must say that Daphne is a great ambassador for Alachua County Animal Services as I adopted her from there many years ago and highly recommend you visit the shelter to adopt your fur baby. They have so many dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Just tell them, Daphne sent you!

I think this issue has to be one of our best. I admit I was terrified of writing a medical story due to my past history of fainting at the sight of blood, but I came away with a great knowledge of technology that left me feeling intrigued to know even more. Amazing how far the medical world has come. Physicians like Dr. Snodgrass, at North Florida Cataract Specialist and Vision Care, and Dr. Cherylle Hayes at The Cancer Center, at NFRMC, are using mind blowing, futuristic devises to cure diseases.

Another big reason I love this issue is…the car stuff! You all know I am a HUGE car freak. I think of a car as I would a piece of art. I even started my own Facebook page and Instagram, just so you can follow my automotive journey, called, #Powr_Grl. I find the people I meet at car events fascinating. The other interest I have is fashion. I hope you enjoy the read and that it inspires you to pull out your bright festive colors to wear this summer but leave the Katie Perry chandelier at home!

Enjoy your copy of Good Life, and go out there with the top down on your car, and the wind in your hair, and live like there is no tomorrow. Make it YOUR…Good Life!