How do you brew your coffee?

How do you brew your coffee? With a coffee pod machine, coffee pot, French press or pour-over drip, it can be an overwhelming task for a seemingly simple cup of coffee.

Some are frustrated with coffee machines that don’t give you a piping hot cup of java and the amount of counter space these machines take up. Drip coffee has paper filters that remove the oil and all the nutritional content while weakening the robust flavor that a French press will give you. Coffee pods can also be quite expensive and the elusive flavor of coffee you get from your local barista may not be there. The French press is sleek, easy to clean, and because it does not have a paper filter it can surprise you with a coffee shop taste.

The French press was invented in Italy in 1929, yes it is Italian and not French! In the UK and the Netherlands the device is known as a cafetière.

The French Press is simple to use. Just add coarse ground coffee to the bottom of the pot and pour boiling water in. If you use fine ground coffee it will over extract, causing the coffee to taste bitter. Place the lid on top and wait for a few minutes for it to brew. Then slowly push the plunger-filter down.

Because the wire mesh filter is coarse, it allows the natural oils and some small coffee grounds into your coffee. This gives your coffee a robust punch so if you
like a strong cup this is for you. On the flip side, a Harvard study found that a cup of coffee from a French Press could raise your LDL cholesterol by 6 to 8 percent. According to the study, you should be fine as long as you don’t consume more than 4 cups of coffee a day. If you drink filtered coffee you can increase this daily intake to 5 cups. One of the benefits of coffee from a French Press are all the antioxidants.

A study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that coffee drinkers over the age of 65 actually lowered their risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease and can reduce dental cavities due to tannins found in coffee. Most of the good things in coffee get filtered out in other brewing methods. Coffee has been shown to protect the mind from Alzheimer’s and cognitive aging.

Enjoy your morning java the right way by using a French press!