Horsing Around with Joy

By Ruth Ward

Looking for a bit of adventure, a few horses in High Springs decided to vacate their pasture. Maybe they thought that the grass was greener on the other side, but the animals put themselves in danger, as they trotted oblivious to the traffic along CR 2054. A passerby noticed the animals and feared either the horses or a driver would be hurt, so they called the police. Senior Patrol Officer, Adam Joy, was the first on the…” horsing around” scene.

Upon entering the….incident and carefully evaluating it, Senior Officer Joy put his patrol car window down and called the horses over. To his shock, they strolled right over and put their heads in the patrol car. Maybe they were hoping that there was a donut in there! The horses obviously knew they had found an animal lover. Joy was able to corral the horses in a field and artfully used the patrol car to block the badly-behaved animals in.

Within thirty minutes, the overwhelmingly thankful horse owners showed up and Joy was left with wonderful memories of the horses he had saved.

Officer Joy started his career back in 2007 with APD and has been with HSPD since 2010.

Playing cowboy was not part of Officer Joy’s répertoire, but it might be time to start packing a lasso!

Officer Joy said, “When you pull up on a loose horse on the road, call out to them, and the horses run up to your patrol car trying to stick their heads inside. I rolled my windows up – Dispatch, we found ‘em! Have someone en route to round them up! These jokers are HUGE! They could probably flip the entirety of this car over.”

We commend our local police for not only looking after us humans but also helping our four-legged friends out when in need. Job well-done HSPD!