Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Need Help?

by Danielle D’Silva

With the New Year come all the same old resolutions lose weight, get healthier, get in shape… you name it. We start with high hopes thinking, “maybe this year will be different,” but it always seems like we lose that drive well before the holiday season is even over. However, there may be some hope to finally achieving that healthy body and lifestyle you have been dreaming about.

Set Goals

You need to have a concrete direction. It’s important to write down your goals – short term and long term – in a place that you pass by every day. Ask yourself “what’s most important to you?” Do you want to be healthier, shed some pounds, and wake up every day feeling energized and ready to go? Or have the stamina to go on those exotic vacations you have always been dreaming about? Or maybe you just have the desire to keep up with your high-energy grandkids. Writing down what is most important to you will keep yourself motivated and focused.

Start Somewhere

Keep things simple. You’re not going to drastically change your entire lifestyle in a day. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Take things one day at a time and slowly start building towards the goals you set for yourself. Rather than jumping straight into an hour-long workout at the gym, start by taking a leisurely walk around your neighborhood. Gradually cut down on the junk food and begin adding in more fruit and vegetables to your diet. By making these small adjustments, you will start to see your new healthy lifestyle take shape over time.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is okay to fall into slumps and periods of time when you feel like you have gone off-course from your weight loss goals. As long as you have a loving, supporting environment and remember why you started your journey in the first place, you’re bound to soar higher and higher.

You Always Have an Option

The Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment at North Florida Regional Medical Center has your back. With over 30 years of experience, their board-certified surgeons and clinical team work around the clock to ensure that you’re comfortable, confident, and informed every step of the way.

If you qualify for weight loss surgery, North Florida Regional’s team is committed to individualizing every weight loss surgery plan to fit your unique needs. The Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment offers weekly informational seminars to give you all the expertise you need to make an informed decision. Their associates are always happy and willing to send over any information about the weight loss surgery program or answer any questions you may have.

Support is Important

The journey to a healthier lifestyle is not always accomplished alone. Support from your friends and family are crucial in sticking to those New Year’s resolutions and achieving those ever-elusive weight loss goals. At the Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment, you are supported with the same level of enthusiasm and compassion as your closest friends and family. They also host Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups where you will get the chance to share your own personal stories, as well as connect with a diverse community ranging from people who recently finished their surgery to those who have 30+ years of experience and wisdom under their belt.

Know that The Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment at North Florida Regional Medical Center is always standing with you along your weight loss journey – through all the ups and downs, through all your major successes, through any major slip-ups or hiccups, and throughout the rest of life after surgery. They are dedicated to seeing you thrive and sustain your newfound healthy lifestyle for many years to come. So maybe give those New Year’s resolutions one more shot.

For more information on how to begin your weight loss journey, please visit www.NorthFloridaWeightLoss.com.