Now There’s a Tank for Big Kids!

by Trish Utter

You all know I have a passion for cars. I find that they are like a piece of exquisite art work and I also thoroughly enjoy the excitement of speed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a supercar for Christmas?

It was during the car show, Concours d’Elegance at Amelia Island that I met Ferris Rezvani. He is an extremely talented guy. His father was a F-4 fighter pilot who enjoyed the power and speed of the plane and passed this need for exhilaration on to his son.

Rezvani wanted to transfer that thrill to a beautifully engineered car for the public so they could experience the shear joy of what a supercar could do. Rezvani Motors was created in 2014 with this passion in mind. Rezvani was one of the designers of Vencer’s Sarthe supercar who had worked with Ferrari, and Aston Matin DBC.

When I met Rezvani he had shipped his car, aptly named the …..Beast, from Rezvani Motors in Orange County, California to the east coast just for this show. It’s sexy lines and performance were a big hit with car enthusiasts and collectors. It has appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage. The Beast is a “Head Turner!” In fact the car was mobbed with people looking at it. This car uses the Ariel Atom chassis with a carbon fiber body which makes it light weight and therefore very fast.

Rezvani Motors also produces Xtreme Utility Vehicle (XUV), not to be confused with SUV’s. This is not your average soccer mom vehicle but a combat, off road rugged machine. This chunky, tough, military vehicle is named the ….TANK!

Recently Rezvani came out with a street-legal, XUV, the Rezvani TANK X . It embodies many of the same characteristics found on the military vehicle with the same name. TANK X is the most hardcore, most extreme TANK model the manufacturer has built. Under the hood is the same engine found in the Dodge Hellcat; a powerful 6.2-liter Supercharged V8, delivering 707 horsepower, and 710 pound-feet of torque. The Rezvani TANK will feature the same rugged body on a steel frame with a more sports oriented suspension.

Two unique off-road packages provide high ground clearance, top of the line FOX off-road suspension, and equally capable tires allowing for unstoppable maneuvers over any terrain. Standard are GRID off-road wheel package with option for T6061 Air craft FORGED aluminum custom design wheels .

Massive 16 inch, and powerful 8 piston brake calipers provide consistent and powerful braking power to meet any needs. Standard GRID off-road wheel package with option for T6061 Aircraft FORGED aluminum custom design wheels. A proven and capable four-wheel-drive system can be activated when needed for off road use, and deactivated to be more efficient on road.

Elegantly integrated auxiliary lights turn night into day at the flip of a switch. Thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision come with this XUV.

The Tank X has luxury you would expect from Bentley Bentayga but the ruggedness and durability of a military tank. The stating price for the Tank X is $259,000.

Tank owners include stars like, Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx.

LOL, kids want toy tanks for Christmas but I bet there are many of you out there that would love to have this under the tree for the holidays!

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