How Trendy are You?

by Brooke Utter

You have all heard of Louis Vuitton and Chanel but are you cool enough to have heard of BAPE and Supreme?

After my recent trip to LA, San Francisco, and New York City, I caught onto a few fashion trends. You may have noticed your teens wearing T-Shirts with a cartoon graphic of an ape or Supreme’s red logo on clothing and even plastered on exotic cars. Did you check the brand and the price?

The brand, A Bathing Ape or BAPE, is famous for their hoodies and T-shirts that have an ape incorporated into their multicolored camo apparel. The company is from Tokyo, Japan and started in 1993. The founder, Nigo, is a DJ for Teriyaki Boyz, a Japanese hip-hop group. Nigo had a huge fascination with the movie Planet of the Apes and based his cartoon designs on that. “A Bathing Ape” refers to an ape bathing in water for so long that the water is not warm anymore, and therefor overindulges. It started out small but soon had a big following with hip-hop stars. Nigo teamed up with Pherrell Williams to do a clothing line for him called Billionaire Boys Club. BAPE is a massive hit with the hip-hop crowd. This streetwear has limited edition clothing. BAPE collaborates with other designers such as Adidas, Supreme, Disney, Pepsi and more. Nigo had a limited budget during the start of BAPE and only produced about 50 T-shirts at a time. He liked the idea of only offering limited runs on his items. The line is no longer owned by Nico but continues to be a big hit in streetwear. You can only buy this brand at their stores and as each run of items is limited people have been in a frenzy to buy them. Customers line up early in the morning and lines run for blocks! There are only 2 stores in the country – one is located in L.A, and the other one is in New York City. BAPE is very strict on only allowing a few people in at a time. Many buy the clothing and then resell it for up to 3 times the purchase price. Prices start around $100 and go up in the thousands! It is best known for its iconic camo shirts, snow jackets, and shark hoodies, and masks seen on shows like the VMA’s.

Supreme is similar in the fact that they design streetwear and also have a huge hip-hop following. They also have long lines and only allow a few customers in at a time, with locations in New York City and L.A. as well. I waited for about an hour before I could get into their store in L.A. James Jebbia started this skateboard company in SoHo, NY in 1994 and still runs it. They design clothing and other trendy items. Supreme works with pro-skater, Sage Elsesser, who models for them. Jebbia is inspired by the skateboard community and music industry. Many stars like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, the Kardashian’s, Drake and many others wear this brand. The company does a lot of promotion on social media sites. Supreme has collaborated with The North Face, Nike, Prodigy, Vans, Louis Vuitton, and more in limited runs that makes people go crazy for the stuff, selling out in just minutes! I saw this first hand at their L.A. store. I was in line as soon as the store opened with only 10 people were in front of me. They let a few customers in while I waited my turn. Within a few minutes, one of Supreme’s security guards announced that a new collaboration that had come out that morning had just…SOLD OUT! Wow, what a business!