From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

After my trip to California I became even more aware of healthy living and food. All the restaurants offered fresh, organic, and vegetarian/vegan items. It is clear to see that this life style they have works, as you will never find anyone living in Cali to be overweight. After sampling tons of vegan food while on the trip I think I would still rather eat real, organic cheese but on the whole I have found that since I have started to eat…clean, I feel better. So what is clean eating? Food that is in its natural state, nothing processed and rarely cooked, and never fried. For lunch I might have grilled salmon with grilled vegetables. As I have been eating like this for a while I find that I no longer crave fried food, in fact the thought of it actually makes me feel sick. I now look for restaurants that offer healthy alternatives. While my daughter, Brooke has been vegetarian for quite some time, she has turned me into a black bean burger fanatic. I was a diehard hamburger fan and thought I would rather die than eat a vegetarian burger but trust me when I tell you these taste better than hamburgers with a wide win! Some of our favorite vegetarian burgers here in Gainesville are at Relish or The Top. We also noticed that in California we were never offered or given a straw with our drinks. This led me to investigate and do a story in this issue. I hope you enjoy reading about our trip to California and the interesting facts about using straws.

Now this will make my car friends laugh. Are you sitting down? I am known as @POWRGRL1 in the car world. I have a huge car following on social media. I love fast, powerful cars and always have a need for speed, but I recently bought a……..Prius!!! Okay I know you are rolling around on the floor laughing but who is laughing at the money I save on gas? I bought it used and call it my donkey as it hauls around so much. Think of it as a lowered SUV with great gas mileage. I can get about 52 miles to the gallon and it is quite peppy when I want to put my foot down. I NEVER thought I would own a Toyota Prius. My daughter bought her first one a few years ago. I said some pretty mean things to her about it. Calling her a tree hugger and that she was the black sheep in the family. But I soon found myself asking to borrow it. It got to the point where she took the keys away from me…lol! My daughter took the car keys from her…mother!!!!!!! I was borrowing it to save miles on my performance car and to go shopping in Orlando or a trip to Delray. The Prius has so much room and the back seats fold down. The hatchback makes it easy to load with large items and
I actually look forward to filling it up as it cost about $26! Now my son has been borrowing my Prius…shhhhh, don’t tell him I told you. It will ruin his reputation! These things help me live the…Good Life. I hope you will explore healthy living options and …go drive a Prius…you never know till you try it!