A New Generation at H&R Block

Amanda Payne with her mother Diana Snelgrove

by Trish Utter

Amanda Payne works with Ameriprise Financial in Alachua, she has been the Alachua Chamber president and is always involved in our community. Payne’s office is next door to H & R Block that was owned by her mother, Diana Snelgrove.

In 2018 Diana Snelgrove retired after a very successful 39 years of business and her daughter, Amanda Payne took over H & R Block and purchased the franchise.

What made your mom start the H&R Block office?

She was working at a bank and took the tax course just to make some extra money. She fell in love with being able to help clients save tax dollars. In 1979, she and my dad came up with the franchise fee and stepped out
in faith believing God would bless them.

As a child did you go to the office to help?

I was 4 years old when my parents bought the franchise. I spent most of my childhood in the office. My earliest memory of helping was at the age of 12 when my mom sat me down with a brown paper bag of receipts from one of the local farmers and an old-timey calculator and told me to separate the receipts and add them up. She would then attached the receipt to my work so she could check it. It took me hours and I asked lots of questions, but I did it.

Wayne Snelgrove passing the goffer torch to his son-in-law, Eric Payne.

How long have you been preparing taxes?

I started doing taxes in 1993 at the age of 18. I started out doing simple returns but since I was in college for accounting and finance I quickly advanced into more complex returns.

My focus has always been and will continue to be financial planning. Most of you know that I own the Ameriprise office in Alachua. My mom was ready to retire from H & R Block and what I realized was that God had blessed us with not only financial clients but also wonderful tax clients that we had been helping for years and that still needed us. So after praying and talking with leaders at both Ameriprise and H & R Block, we decided what was best for our clients was for me to purchase the H & R Block franchise. This way I could continue to serve my financial planning clients while our team of tax preparers and bookkeepers could continue to take care of our tax and bookkeeping clients.

We handle everything from farms and sole proprietors to S-corporations, partnerships, and nonprofits. We love our small business clients. As the owner of a small business, I completely understand the struggles that they face. That is why we work so hard for them. It is one of our greatest joys to come alongside them and provide them with tax strategies, bookkeeping services, and financial planning to give them peace of mind that their finances are taken care of so they can spend their time and energy on their businesses and

What other services do you provide?

Small Business Retirement Plans, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Tax and Financial Planning

We are open year-round for our client’s convenience. In addition, we have online filing options that allow for you to not only send us your documents but also to pay for and sign your return electronically. This is very useful to our small business and executives who just can’t take the time out of their day to come in.

If I own houses and/or businesses in another state can you help me?

Absolutely- we are licensed to do returns in all 50 states.

My goal is for us to be the premier financial partner for everyone that is in our community. This is why we not only do tax returns, but we do year-round tax planning, financial planning and offer bookkeeping services.

H & R Block has two locations, one in High Springs and the other in Alachua. Here you will find Amanda Payne, who is a Certified Financial Planning™ professional. On staff, they also have a Certified Public Accountant as well as three Senior Tax Analysts.

Come in and let H & R Block help you.
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