Working in a Man’s World

by Ruth Ward

“At the end of the day, the relationship with my client is what matters the most.”

– Tammy Broxson

Women being treated as equals has been highlighted by the media. The Commercial world of real estate is one the most male dominated careers in the U.S. Even business CEO, Broker, Carol Bosshardt was told not to bother to get into it as it was a “Good Ol’ Boy” industry! Tammy Broxson, Commercial Broker Associate, is also breaking barriers in the commercial world of real estate, having achieved the CCIM designation, while positioning herself in the top of her field. The Certified Commercial Investment Member, or CCIM, designation is granted to commercial real estate professionals upon successful completion of a graduate-level education curriculum and presentation of a portfolio of qualifying experience, making it an incredibly challenging achievement. To earn it, one must complete rigorous coursework and exams while running their business full-time.

Where are you from?

I was born at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. We moved to Ft Walton Beach Florida when I was 5 years old. I made Gainesville FL my home in 1995.

Are you married, do you have kids?

I am married to Chris Broxson. I have 3 children from previous marriages. Lauren is 27, Gabriella is 16 and Trey is 14. Gabriella and Trey attend GHS.

What do they think of what you do?

Lauren gets her entrepreneurial spirit from me, so she appreciates that I love what I do and I get to share it with so many people bringing a positive impact to their lives. My husband, Chris, is my biggest cheerleader but feels as though he could also have his real estate license with how much he hears about it from me.

What made you get into real estate and why did you choose Bosshardt?

I have always loved real estate and started in 2009. I love the vision of a buyer who sees what a property currently is and then what they will bring to it to make it a well performing investment. I love assisting sellers move toward their next phase and bringing them together with buyers. When I owned an insurance office I provided full service to my clients. I chose Bosshardt because they provide a similar experience and understand the value it brings to me and my clients.

What made you decide to crack into the all male world of Commercial Real Estate, and how was that received at Bosshardt?

I have always loved every aspect of business, so, developing a deep understanding of the commercial world is exciting. I can assist buyers with their vision of Gainesville development in vacant-land sales, assist new businesses enter the market, or the small business owners expand due to their growing needs. Carol Bosshardt always encouraged me that commercial would be a good fit for me. When I approached Aaron Bosshardt about the next steps he gave me his full support and encourage me to obtain the CCIM designation. I dove right into the curriculum and completed the rigorous requirements in less than 2 years. My colleagues at Bosshardt and my clients have always been encouraging and supportive.

What do you enjoy the most about Commercial Real Estate?

I thrive in diverse situations. I enjoy having so many avenues to choose from: land development, multi- family, industrial/warehouse, office, retail, and business sales. Every transaction is different. Not only do you need to stay sharp on what is happening in the local market but also keep an eye out for what is happening in the world and how that may or may not ultimately impact the local market. Also, Commercial Real Estate puts you in touch with so many people. I have developed some amazing friendships and partnerships.

Do you feel that now is a good time to invest in commercial space?

Now is an amazing time to invest in commercial. Land development, multi-family, and office sales are enjoying the spotlight. If you own property, it is a great time to sell. There is more demand than there is property at this time.

Chris, Gabriella, Trey, her daughter’s
boyfriend, Kristofer, Lauren and Tammy

Tell me what your least expensive and most expensive listings are?

My least expensive listing and sale was a $25,000 rental investment property. A wonderful woman contacted me after her husband passed away, leaving her with several investment properties on the East side of Gainesville. Together, we sold these income producing properties so my client could put the funds toward her retirement. For me, people come first. I am reluctant to discuss the price of the most expensive listing as I feel the industry is abusing pricing in advertising for the benefit of egos. I prefer the value I can bring to the relationship. The most challenging listing and sale was a portfolio of 44 units, non-conventional investment property in Southwest Gainesville. It had been on the market for eight years with various brokers. It was rewarding to bring what was a difficult transaction to the closing table.

Why should people list their property with you?

My main focus is keeping the client’s wants and needs at the forefront, always. At the end of the day, that’s what matters, and why this profession continues to be the most rewarding job in the world.

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