From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

In a blink of an eye, your kids will probably be all grown up and taller than you. Many of you remember my daughter, Brooke Utter, and my son, Colt Utter, from old issues of Good Life Community Magazine. When I started GLC, Colt was nine years-old and Brooke was eight years-old. Now Colt is twenty-one and Brooke is nineteen! Yes…..shocking, isn’t it? I talked about teaching them how to drive in an issue of Good Life a few years ago. That was hair-raising, but we all got through it…with only one minor accident!

Not only did I take the kids on my appointments and client photo shoots, but I also planned short trips as often as I possibly could. I was terrified of missing out on their short childhood.

When I look back at the summer trips that we took, what stands out the most is the fact that when I used to tell them that we would be going away, they would be upset. They would both say that they didn’t want to leave their friends and that they would rather stay at home. They didn’t want to miss their favorite TV show. I can even remember them sitting in the back of the car when they were young, crying as we left, but how quickly they forgot and enjoyed the warm Florida water. By the end of our trips, they kept saying how much they didn’t want to go home. Kids!

Now we have memories that will last a lifetime and I am so glad I made them go with me. Facebook has been very useful in reminding me of our family outings. This summer, Colt and Brooke have planned their own vacations with their friends. I will be left at home. This will take some getting used to, but I plan to catch up on time with my friends.

My hope is that when I am old, Colt and Brooke will look back and remember exploring the mangroves, learning to sail, dancing on the beach in Sarasota and our family trips to Disney.

Parents, I am telling you this so you don’t miss out on all the magical moments with your children. If you can break away with your family, do it. The summer vacation time is almost here. Even a day trip to St. Augustine, Tampa or Orlando can be thrilling. Go to our website and click on the TRAVEL link to get some trip ideas. A quick getaway is your key to the… Good Life!