From the Desktop

by Trish Utter, Publisher & Chief Bottle Washer

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning…or should I say…chucking out junk. I can’t believe I am still sorting out things from 20 plus years ago. Am I a hoarder? Things seem to be multiplying in the house. It is hard when you have had family things left to you as I have held onto things out of guilt. It is only now that I realize it is time to …let GO!

What got me started on this trend was when a friend of mine who has some beautiful clothes let me see her closet. Unlike my tightly packed closet this huge walk in closet was bare! I thought maybe she had been robbed! She laughed and told me that she only keeps things for a short time. “No point in keeping things I never wear,” she said. I went straight home and looked at each piece of clothing. How long had it been since I had worn it? Does it fit? Would I miss it? I threw out clothes that don’t fit. If I ever do lose weight to fit in them again they will be out of date anyway. If you have shoes that really aren’t that comfortable and haven’t been worn in years…toss them.

I filled box after box with clothes and took some to a resale shop and the rest to Goodwill. I then start opening up cupboards and even sold some furniture. I use the Marketplace on Facebook and Craig’s List and pawn shops for my electronics, cameras and old phones. I actually sold a lot this way.

I went through all my kitchen cupboards as I have a large kitchen, but never have room for anything. How much stuff does someone need? I found lots of expired food and dishes that I have never used. It feels so good when you can open a cupboard or closet and see what you have in a well-organized way.

This has been a liberating experience and I encourage you to do the same.

Chuck it, donate it or sell it. This will free up your house so you can come home to . . . . the Good Life!