The Fields of Red in Carver, MA

by Carol Doherty

carver1When guests come into The Great Outdoors Restaurant that is located in High Springs, quite often they ask me where I’m from or they try and guess……. I always say Boston…but that is not really true! I only say Boston because when I say where I really lived before moving to Florida, Carver Massachusetts, people usually say where!??

Carver, Massachusetts is a quaint New England Town close to the gateway of Cape Cod, about 10 miles before the Bourne Bridge. It is a town with large Gambrel houses, hand built stone walls, Christmas tree farms, and two other things that set Carver apart from most New England towns on The South Shore, The Edaville Railroad and The Cranberry Bogs!!

One day, I came home from work
and The Pond Was GONE!!!! I
mean literally Gone!!! Every drop
of water had disappeared!!!!!!

Carol’s Home in Carver, Massachusetts

Carol’s Home in Carver, Massachusetts

Ahhhhhh…..The Cranberry Bogs….. what a wonderful memory. For those of you that have no idea what a Cranberry Bog is or what it looks like, let me tell you! The bogs are flat fields of land, with a large embankment. They have a soft marshy ground where the cranberry grows on vines and are usually located near wetlands. During the months of September and October, what one sees for miles and miles are these fields of deep red vines against a dark green back drop made up of these wonderful tall pine trees. Carver Cranberry farmers started growing and producing cranberries in the 1870’s and now grow one fifth of all the cranberries produced in the US. Visitors can take tours of the cranberry bogs, learn how the cranberry is harvested, and of course, bring home samples. The feeling one gets while walking, biking, or driving through Carver Massachusetts during harvest season, is a feeling I cannot put into words.

So how does one harvest each little bitter bud of red???? Well, In short, they are floated and corralled. The bogs are flooded, a thing that looks like a fire hose corrals the fruit as they rise to the top of the water. Then they are pushed together, usually in big circles, so they can be sucked up by the machine that transports them. BUT, where does the water come from?????

carver3When I moved to Carver Massachusetts, I also knew little about The Cranberry Bog…..But, when I purchased my house, I soon found out, in the times before refrigeration, it was a cold storage facility for cranberries! The house sat on several acres and was surrounded by cranberry bogs. There was a good size pond in the back yard. My chocolate lab, Stella, loved to run down into the pond and then run in the house and shake everywhere!!!

One day, I came home from work and The Pond Was GONE!!!! I mean literally Gone!!! Every drop of water had disappeared!!!!!! HOLY TOLEDO… WHERE IS MY POND!!!!!!!

I called the police to report my Pond is gone, Stolen!!!! The Police said, don’t worry, you’ll get your pond back when harvest is over.

Carol’s Chocolate Lab, Stella

Carol’s Chocolate Lab, Stella

What I learned that night is that all the little ponds of Carver have this underground dam system that transports the water from one bog to another to harvest the CRANBERRIES!!!!!

Stella was very Happy when the Pond returned to us right before Christmas!!!

For more information on Carver visit Destination Plymouth County website- SleepyMouth.com