Williamsburg – Celebrate the Holidays Colonial Style

by Trish Utter

DSCF9681_WEBThe sound of horse’s hooves, the odd gunshot and speeches that shaped this country into being the United States of America are all part of the fabric of the 18th- century, colonial village of Williamsburg, Virginia.

C.W., as it is fondly named is located a few hours south of Washington D.C. in what’s called ‘Americas Historic Triangle’ which is comprised of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center.

Williamsburg was brought back to its heyday in 1926 so that the way of Colonial life would be preserved for all generations to see. This is a fully working town where visitors get an interactive experience with the daily lives of the first generation of Americans.

The Capital

The Capital

Children often shudder at the thought of looking at a museum but in C.W. you will find it hard to drag them away. You will hear the laughter of children as you enter The Powell House as kids get to feed the chickens, make the beds, see a Holiday meal being made and take part in an 18th century dance in the front parlor.

Watch and listen to actors as they debate the virtues of being an independent nation at The Revolutionary City and visit The Capitol and hear about the issues that were discussed during the times around the American Revolution to get a real sense of what life was like over 225 years ago. It all centers along The Duke of Gloucester Street which is lined with 18th century style stores filled with handmade items. Shop for a pewter tea pot, old fashioned candy at Wythe Candy store, 18th century toys at the Toymaker of Williamsburg, fashions of the day and even a wig to top off your new look!

Williamsburg_WEBColonial Williamsburg is at its best during the holiday season as the artistry that goes into the decorations is inspiring and one can imagine how the settlers celebrated the festive season. Magical candle light fills the windows of historic houses and stores. Hearty holiday meals are washed down with a tankard of ale at one of the many taverns. Reservations are a must as the Taverns are one of the most popular attractions.

Accommodations within walking distance to Colonial Williams-burg and across the street from the college of William and Mary can be found at The Williamsburg Hospitality House Hotel. Guests will find large colonial style rooms, a swimming pool, gift shop, fitness room and two restaurants

Visit Yorktown, a quaint village on the banks of the York River where you can see the battlefields of the last major battle of the American Revolution. Visit the recreated encampment of the Continental Army at the Yorktown Victory Center.



Jamestown_WEBThe third part of ‘America’s Historic Triangle is Jamestown. At the Jamestown Settlement you will learn about America’s first permanent English colony. Replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607 can be explored. Films and exhibits will give you an idea of the impact of European colonization.

Located just outside C.W. and on the way to Jamestown you will come across a very special restaurant, Old Chickahominy House. This colonial house with its oak floors, oil paintings and pewter decorations is the perfect place to enjoy, ‘The Plantation’ breakfast. This large yet inexpensive meal comes with country bacon, old Virginia ham, sausage, two eggs, grits, hot home-made biscuits, coffee or hot tea and is the perfect way to start your day of sightseeing. If you miss breakfast try their lunch, specialties include Brunswick Stew and homemade pies. While there don’t forget to visit their huge unique gift shop.

Yankee-Wax-of-hand_WEBGet back to the 21st first century with a visit to the Yankee Candle ‘Flagship’ Store. With only two in the world and over 400,000 candles to choose from this is a must see. Think of it as a first class mini-mall, housing upscale kitchen wares, gourmet sauces and pasta, a flag shop, pet store, the Yankee Candle Holiday Park where it snows every five minutes, a Christmas Shop, Cuckoo Clock and Nut Cracker Room. Wax Works is a huge hit with children as they can make a wax mold of their hand in any color of the rainbow. They can also make their own one of a kind jar candle. There is also a Fudge Shop and even a caf?! There will be tons of special Holiday entertainment to call the store for their list of events.

Go-Kart-Plus_WEBRipley’s Believe It or Not is across the street and houses some of the world’s most unusual and monstrous oddities. It also has the Ripley’s Impossible Laser Race where you can see people inside race in a rather James Bondish kind of way. Laugh as you watch your family try to move without setting off a laser. Sit down and enjoy Dino 4D and Sponge Bob Square Pants in the 4D theatre.

Go-Karts Plus, is another great way for a family to let off some steam by racing around one of the many go-kart tracks, playing miniature golf, riding a bumper car, screaming your head off on the Python Pit roller coaster, visiting the large arcade or getting an ice cream at the snack bar.

Maze_Action_WEBThere is so much going on in this area over the Holiday season, like the Williamsburg Tree Lighting, Grand Illumination, Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade, wreath making workshops and more. Check out the websites below for the most current information and treat yourself to a jolly old Holiday season.

Williamsburg Hospitality House
(757) 229-4020

Yankee Candle Co.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Old Chickahominy House
(757) 229 4689

Go-Karts Plus