Colt and Brooke’s Top Picks for Disney World

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Rock-N-Roll_WEBHollywood Studios

Rock n’ Roll Roller Coaster
An enclosed steel coaster that has one of the smoothest rides. We love the energizing rock n roll music of Aerosmith and the neon ight interior. It gives you the rush of being on stage with the band. It’s also Mom’s favorite too!

Colt-at-the-Tower-of-Terror_WEBThe Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
One of the most unique rides we have ever been on. Enter the vacant 1939 Hollywood Hotel. You are taken up in the service elevator for a ghostly tour and then…the drop! You get a short glimpse of the outside and a bird’s eye view of Hollywood Studios, but this is only for a second as the view closes and you drop down.

Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest
Don’t know if we can tell you about this as the unexpected makes this the most fun. All we can say is that this railway car is careening out of control with you in it so hold on for the thrill of your life!


Test Track
Buckle up for an exhilarating test drive. Bump over cobble stone roads and other road conditions. Feel the speed and wind rushing past on the race track as you reach speeds up to 65 mph.

Magic Kingdom

Colt-and-Brooke_WEBSpace Mountain
This ride has seen generations of riders, opening in 1967. Our grandfather used to love this ride. A huge indoor roller coaster that makes you feel like one of the Jetsons. Fly through space on a rocket. Although it was built years ago it packs a punch with its twists, turns and drops. Splash Mountain Brooke calls this the Bunny Ride as it is about Br’er Rabbit. It’s a great, relaxing ride where you will probably get soaked as there is the 52 1/2 foot-drop at the end! This is the ride that Mom is most scared of.

Most important – On your way out of the Magic Kingdom do not miss the bakery on Main Street as we had the very best Cinnamon bun that just made the end of our visit …….perfect!

Need a place to stay?
We recommend Coco Key Water Resort located on International Drive. We like it as Mom can relax at the quiet pool while we get to play at the huge 54,000-square-foot water park. There are life guards there so Mom can relax and not worry about us. The rooms are big and beautifully decorated that feature Serta Perfect Sleepers and luxury Linens, which yes even though we are kids we notice!

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