Hynes Helps Local Pets


I have known Hilary Hynes for a very long time. Over the years she has helped me with many pet issues. If you go into any pet business in our area the first person they talk about is Hilary as she has done so much for the local pet population.

Recently Hilary Hynes was honored for the work she has done to stop un-needed euthanasia and get pets adopted into forever homes. Beth Brady, who works at Newberry Animal Hospital, put the event together as she wanted Hilary’s hard work to be acknowledged. Alachua County Animal Services was packed that day with local vets, pet trainers, media and animal lovers.

Miss Hynes is the Public Education Program Coordinator for Alachua County Animal Services. She is THE go to person for animal information in our community. Hilary has tirelessly worked on getting pound puppies adopted and created some effective adoption programs.

Born in New Jersey, Hilary grew up in a pet loving family that bred St Bernard’s that always had little wooly puppies around. “There’s nothing like the smell of puppy breath. I have had a strong love for animals for as long as I can remember,” she said.

In 1980 Ms. Hynes joined New Jersey’s Boonton Kiwanis First Aid Squad and says that she felt she grew up there and could not wait to work in the Emergency Medical Services.


Hilary came to Florida in 1988. She taught EMS classes for Daytona Beach Community Colleges and Volusia County Fire Services. That is also where her love for German Shepherds started. “I had just brought my first house and needed a buddy to share it with. I adopted Max from a video store in New Smyrna Beach. Max was a natural at everything including agility.”

Ms. Hynes volunteered for Flagler County Humane Society for many years. She was also a Volusia County Deputy Sheriff.

In 1993 Hilary moved to Gainesville and worked in the hospitals until deciding to change careers in 1999 when she started at Alachua County Animal Services.

“I started out as an Animal Service Officer responding to all types of animal calls. I loved every aspect of working in the field. I was team leader for the officers for many years before I made a leap to program coordinator and now, Public Education Program Coordinator. Going to schools, businesses and neighborhood watches is some of the fun I get to do. The Paws for Read program is wonderful. Kids who are having some trouble reading get to read to dogs. We are very lucky to assist High Springs Community Schools with this.”

The Paws on Parole program is a partnership between the Florida Department of Corrections and Alachua County Animal Services. This is where they bring 6 dogs every 8 weeks to the Gainesville Correctional Work Camp. They teach the inmates how to care for someone other than themselves. They learn all facets of animal handling care. “It’s a win, win for the inmates and a second chance for a shelter dog,” said Hilary. The Paws on Parole program is starting its 27th academy and all the dogs have been adopted by families all over the country.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s department of the Jail has started Paws on Parole Unleashed. Their first academy has just graduated and those dogs have been adopted. These programs have been very successful. We have helped more than 25 other agencies from Puerto Rico to the United Kingdom get information to start programs in their communities.

“It is not often in this life you get to work at what you love to do, I am thankful every day to help people and pets.” Hilary Hynes.


“Hilary Hynes is truly one of Alachua County’s treasures. She is simply amazing, I love her! She is one of the most hardworking, dedicated, engaging and creative people I know. She has increased the options for citizens regarding domestic animals a hundred-fold. She is an exceptional leader…she does the hard work, sets the standard for professionalism and has the unique and valued ability to build a strong, committed team. The work within animal services is too often difficult, sad and sometimes tragic; she brings the capacity to rise above the difficult times to do purposeful, compassionate service in the most delightful and fun way.” Sheriff Sadie Darnell

New Lower Adoption Fees
Cats-$25 | Dogs-$30

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To learn more about the Paws on Parole and the Paws on Parole Unleashed go to pawsonparole.com

You can help. Spay and Neuter your pets. Get them micro chipped and help them live the Good Life!